Fine Art Photographers

What’s the best camera gear for fine art photography?

Hint: there’s no single answer. But what if you could peek inside the camera bags of some professional fine art photographers to see what gear they use?

We’re betting you’d walk away with plenty of insights – not to mention a whole lot of inspiration.

So that’s exactly what you can find here. Dozens of fine art photographers share their work and the equipment they used to create it. Many also share their stories, their experiences, and their advice.

Firstly, what is fine art photography?

Again, there’s no single answer! Definitions differ, but there are some of the key elements.

Generally speaking, fine art photography is intended to be sold or displayed – for example as a print or in a photography book.

It differs from commercial photography in that it’s not produced under commission from a client with the aim of being used for advertising.

Another aspect is that fine art photography fulfils a creative vision. It’s not, say, a spur-of-the-moment snap but rather a preconceived plan or vision that’s intentionally brought to life.

It’s imagery that conveys or provokes a meaning, an idea, or an emotion.

What doesn’t define fine art photography is the subject matter. In that sense, all other genres are open to it. Fine art has more to do with the purpose and intention behind the image rather than the style or theme of the image itself.

That means that fine art photography could be portraiture, landscape, macro, long exposure, architecture, fashion, nudes, abstract, or any other type.

So you can see why it’s impossible to narrow down the “right” gear to a one-size-fits-all solution: every fine art photographer is producing something unique and different.

And what you want to create will determine the type of equipment you need to make your vision a reality.

Browsing through the featured photographers here, you’ll find everything from vintage large-format cameras to polaroids to the more standard DSLRs and full-frame mirrorless kits.

It goes without saying that lenses vary widely as well.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and fun things to discover as you look inside other photographers’ bags is the unconventional tools and props they keep on hand.

These things range from photography equipment like filters and gels to creative extras like paintbrushes, cellophane and spray bottles. You’ll even spot more than a few fog machines tucked away in these fine art photographers’ kits!

Learning about how they use their gear to create exceptional works of photographic art leaves us inspired to go off and make our own creative visions a reality.

And perhaps the best part of all is getting a glimpse into the thought processes behind the works. Each fine art photographer has their own philosophy, their own approach to dreaming up and developing a project. And that’s something to be inspired by.

Check out what’s in their kits and see for yourself.