A series of photos showing a camera attached to a vehicle.

The RigWheels Kraken Offers An All-In-One Car-Mounted Video Tool

News | By Stephan Jukic | November 30, 2023

A classic part of cinematic filmmaking is shooting from different angles on moving vehicles, and the RigWheels Kraken makes it much easier.

RigWheels recently announced the Kraken Camera Mount as a new tool for cinematographers who want high-quality car-mounted shots even with heavy-duty pro cameras.

As the company explains in its press release,

“The Kraken Camera Mount sets a new standard in car rigging, seamlessly combining mounting and positioning into a single, intuitive device. Its innovative hinge design, coupled with the compatibility with standard tripod heads, makes solid mounting both easy and intuitive,”

What the Kraken Camera Mount tries to do is simplify the process of mounting a large or small camera to nearly any part of a vehicle so that it requires just one tool, the Kraken itself.

Generally, videographers and filmmakers would need to handle these kinds of mounting tasks using a grab bag of different mounting cases, kits and sometimes even improvised tools. This applies particularly to the use of heavy cameras.

The Kraken aims to offer a single deployable solution that’s sturdy, extremely strong, and won’t, for example, suddenly drop your $5000 (body only) Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro to the asphalt at 80kph.

With the Kraken, users get all the parts they need for mounting cameras to vehicles in one single package. This should cause this unit to be a major timesaver for video and movie production pros working on a tight deadline and a tight budget.

RigWheels explains that its new tool offers an “innovative” hinged design that’s easy to set up and reconfigure as needed for different angles, positions and vehicle types.

It includes a low-suction alarm on its main 10-inch suction cup, thus alerting you if the Kraken is in danger of falling.

Two pictures of a car with a camera attached to it.

Built into the Kraken are standard-issue tripod heads for camera mounting and adjustment and the rig as a whole can handle up to a hefty 175 lbs (79kg) of equipment across four stabilization points.

The Kraken also works with multipurpose plates, and stand-offs, and uses sports industry-standard grip heads and suction cups for easy, versatile use.

Along with the Kraken itself, buyers obtain a custom Pelican 1610 case and the device is also available as a full rental kit aside from its availability as a base unit.

RigWheels adds,

“The Kraken Mount combines the strength of tools made for the grip department with the elegance of gear designed for the camera department. This new system is the most complete, practical, common-sense solution you will find for an easily transportable car mounting system,”

The company will start shipping the Kraken as of mid-January for a base unit price of $999 and a price of $2,899 for the full rental kit.

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